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Boudoir, books and blue: Photos with personality!

Boudoir, books & personality

What’s your favourite book or is it books? or maybe a genre! Books represent a special doorway that we can walk through when we choose. Stories that lift us up, make us laugh, cry, see beauty, travel, solve a mystery and escape! Hold up, what’s this got to do with boudoir photography? Actually quite a bit! 

These shoots are an opportunity, among many other things, for self reflection. Depending on how you want to approach your shoot, this can mean bringing things that are meaningful to you. For some clients, their favourite books are the first thing that pop to mind. I have had a plethora of literary joy in shoots, from art books, thesis’s (please come celebrate your PHD with me!), cookery books, fantasy, romance, philosophy and then some. For this shoot, there was nothing like a good old fashioned mystery. These gorgeous collectors books made such a lovely prop, from stacks to open books.

I talk a lot about representing yourself in shoots because I think it’s really important and a big part of the way I look to avoid objectifying you. There are so many ways to represent your personality in shoots, from clothing, objects or jewellery, or even through the tone and colours. These things all help to make a shoot uniquely your own. 

Simple white shirts and a pop of blue

There is something timeless and elegant about white shirts, I think most people have a favourite kicking about their wardrobe (I kid you not I found an Armani in my local op-shop and I’m obsessed!). Shoots are about bringing clothing, that make you feel good. I really love the shape of the white shirt below, as it gave us loads of options. The aesthetic for this shoot was simple black and whites with a pop of blue. I always love chatting with you about your favourite colours, so that I can keep this in mind from styling to the final photo edits.

Playlists make my day

I love it when clients bring in their favourite tunes, and never fear I can sing with tone deaf accuracy to just about anything. We had so much fun listening to a variety of tunes, laughing and establishing that we were both a rare breed of the biggest little sisters! I see every shoot as a collaboration. These photoshoots focus on working together to represent you in a way that you want to be seen, and this brings a special unique magic to each shoot.

Hair and makeup:  Lauren Santos

Implied topless photography using books.
Agatha Christie books are the perfect implied topless cover.

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