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What clothing should you wear for your boudoir shoot?

Boudoir Shoot Clothing Panic

So you’ve booked your boudoir shoot and are feeling super excited and a bit nervous…but then you start to think about what to clothing to bring. Panic strikes and you make a bee-line for your wardrobe. Your mind probably first thinks about lingerie and you pull out your favourite sets, but what else might you consider? 

I love to re-frame the way people often think about boudoir. This is why I chose the above image of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, because usually the more quirky the item you bring, the better! So go down the rabbit hole and start to consider some other options – and yes I am open to you bringing 40 pink plastic flamingos into studio (just saying…).

The Photo Shoot: A chance to reflect

Boudoir in bright dress
Art Nude Photograph

The boudoir (aka ‘You-doir’) is an opportunity to reflect on body and self. What type of photography shoot do you want to have? Maybe you want to simply document your body from a new perspective, exploring compositions of curves and lines. This one is usually easy, as you typically don’t need anything! Maybe you just want to experience something different or you want to explore some of the facets that make up you. The only consistent I try to re-enforce, is that you primarily do this shoot for yourself. This means that whatever happens in your future, you can look back on this experience with pride and happiness. 

Outside Your Lingerie Draw

So what other things aside from lingerie might you consider in your photo shoot? In saying this if you want your boudoir experience to just celebrate your fabulous lingerie – that’s absolutely fine! However, if you’re thinking of exploring other options, start by looking in different areas of your wardrobe. 

Begin by looking through your favourite scarves, and even fabrics, as these can add rich textures and beautiful options to your photographs. Look through your dresses, jackets, jumpers, pants, shorts, shoes, socks, hats and accessories. Are there things here that you might bring? What best tells your story?  

You certainly don’t need to worry about choosing conventional combinations – what would you love to wear? Have you ever caught yourself in the mirror, while you are getting dressed, maybe wearing your favourite jeans and a bra and though ‘oooh, nice!’. This clothing combination could be a great choice for your shoot. Maybe it’s cowboy boots and a beer, or just your favourite beads for some implied nudes. Whatever makes you feel like you. Don’t forget to look into your jewellery and accessories and see if there’s anything you would love to incorporate. I think of an amazing silk square headscarf, that belonged to my mother, that I wear as a halter with jeans in summer. I would also have to incorporate a long burgundy crochet necklace, made by my close friend.

Consider outside the wardrobe

This is a space in which you can really have some fun! Start by walking around your house, looking through every room, and considering the items around you. Does anything jump out? The most important thing is that there are no rules, this is a collaboration – so bring as much or as little as you like. Here are some ideas below – don’t be afraid to get creative:

  • Rugs (not too big though!)
  • Books
  • Collectables: Maybe things like a fan, parasol, feathers, cards, or curiosities (I’ve had animal skulls and even a pet snake!)
  • Throws
  •  Small chair/stool 
  • Musical instruments
  • Plants
  • Mirror
  • Food / drink: do you have a sweet spot for a certain tasty something? Particularly things like lollies, chocolate and fruits can be amazing in shoots.
  • Do you have a favourite glass or teacup that’s been with you since forever?
  •  Favourite flowers 
    (dried or fresh)
  •  Body paint
  • Eco glitter
  • Plastic flamingos 
  • Hobby inspired bits
  • Streamers / fairy lights
A shallow depth of field photo of a woman lying on a piano shawl, wearing only long orange socks. The focus is on her hair and so her nudity is blurred.

You Do You

The most important thing for you boudoir experience is that ‘you do you’. Whatever feels right for you will be perfect and if you’re not sure what’s right, thats fine too! I love chatting with clients about different options and it’s surprising what ideas can blossom from these conversations (here are a few boudoir photos from other artists that inspire me).

During your boudoir experience we will typically capture 2-4 different looks (unless you are capturing just nude photographs). Therefore, it can be helpful to bring more choices than you need, because often on the day it can be a matter with going with how you feel in the moment. I also have lots of bits and pieces available in studio, so sometimes that can shape your choice on the day. Whatever you choose, I can’t wait to work with you to best represent you.

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