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About Gianna

Hi I’m Gianna.

I’ve lived in Adelaide most of my life – so I probably know your cousin, brother, mother or cat!

Photography is a lifelong passion and obsession. I’ve worked in lots of different areas of photography; commercial, family, weddings to name a few.  I particularly love boudoir and nude sessions, because of how powerful they can be. Helping people to positively re-connect and re-define how they see themselves is incredibly rewarding.

Although I began by creating more conventional boudoir photographs, I felt like something was missing. It didn’t feel like a broad enough representation of women. After some late nights Googling, Pinterest boards of what could be, collaborations, and passionate conversations (and wine!) with as many women as I could, I realised what was missing and redefined what I wanted to offer.

This is an empowering space to explore different facets of yourself. It’s a space to have fun, be playful, talk shit out, celebrate your beautiful body, sense of style, strength, femininity, humour, sexuality, your ‘self’ and create unique photography.

A space to see the beauty in the parts of ourselves that we are often told to feel uncomfortable with. Where we can embrace our scars, marks and lines as part of rich tapestry of life. 

Most importantly it’s a collaboration where you can recognise ‘you’ while seeing a new perspective – because being you is a damn beautiful thing.