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About Gianna

A Bit About Me...

I love being outside in the sunshine, beaches and bushland are my zen place. I get very excited about cooking – I recently managed to make sushi without the rice squishing out and after four attempts yoghurt from scratch! 

If I’m not hiking and cooking eating, in my spare time, I’m op-shopping and my latest best buy was a 1980s black rara skirt by  ‘Lisa Ho’, with a bright yellow lining.

I live with my beautiful partner, who never stops encouraging me to follow my dreams.

Why Boudoir Photography?

Photography is a lifelong passion (obsession!). I’ve worked in lots of different areas of photography; commercial, family, weddings to name a few.  I particularly love boudoir sessions, because of how powerful they can be – helping people to positively see and connect with themselves is incredibly rewarding. Also, I get to hang out with some seriously cool and inspirational people!

What's Different About This Photography Experience?

Although I began by creating more conventional boudoir photographs, I felt like something was missing. It didn’t feel like a broad enough representation of women. After some late nights Googling, Pinterest boards of what could be, collaborations, and passionate conversations (and wine!) with as many women as I could, I redefined what I wanted to offer.

This is an empowering experience to explore different parts of yourself. It’s a space to have fun, be playful, talk stuff out, celebrate your body, sense of style, strength, intelligence, quirkiness, humour, sexiness, your ‘self’ and create unique photography.

A place to see the beauty in the parts of ourselves that we are often told to feel uncomfortable with. 

Most importantly it’s a collaboration where you decide what approach works best for you.