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You’re not alone, most people arrive with some nerves but end feeling AMAZING.

We begin the session with drink and a relaxed chat in case there’s anything else we need to cover or you have any last minute ideas or questions.

We’ll have a laugh, dance around, talk about life and before you know it – the time will have evaporated and you’ll be feeling awesome!

If you book a Velvet Experience add 1.5h for hair and makeup prior to your shoot. 

Shoots run for around two hours of photography plus breaks, sometimes more or less depending on the shoot. We work at your pace so you don’t feel rushed.

Straight after your shoot we look through your unedited photos, so that you can decide what you love. The time for this can vary a lot, but on average around one hour. If you are unable to stay we can pop up a private online gallery for you.

  • Eco Glitter
  • Dry ice
  • Water
  • Body Paint
  • Palm Fronds
  • Chiffon
  • Paper
  • Projectors
  • etc

We’re going to be good friends – lets talk 😊

Bring whatever you plan to wear, plus any other items you would like to include.  This could be props, fabric, jewellery or even special cards/letters.  To get a better idea of the way we work read this article.

Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Some folks like to go full nude, while others prefer to be fully clothed or somewhere in between. Whatever you choose we will totally rock it!

I send through a questionnaire before the shoot to make sure we are both 100% on the same page with what makes you most comfortable. These shoots are a personalised combination of boudoir, art nude, portraiture and pregnancy photography.

With your permission, I love to show off your beautiful photographs. But rest assured that your photographs will never be made public without your permission, what matters most is your comfort.

These sessions are mostly held in my home studio 20 mins west of Adelaide. This completely private and relaxed setting gives us a variety of photographic options.

I do offer outdoor, on-location shoots as there are so many amazing spaces in South Australia for this! have a peek at this shoot held at Skye Lookout.

Don’t worry at all – I will guide you through a variety of ideas to get you started. I will also encourage you to be be playful, try different things and let your personality shine.

I have lots of props and fabric that we can play with, but I encourage you to bring the clothing etc. that makes you feel good. These shoots are about representing you, so it’s important to ensure you bring what you love!

Anyone 18 years or older is welcome 🙂  My clients are typically from a very wide age group. Please note that you will be asked to provide photographic identification no matter what your age.

If you choose the Velvet Experience hairstyling and makeup is included.  I have looked widely to find highly skilled artists that embrace our ethos and are all round lovely caring humans.

The temperature of the studio reflects the season, the studio is kept at a comfortable temperature – goose bumps are not a good look for a photo shoot! I always ask you during the shoot if the temperature is right, and we can adjust it as we go to make sure its just perfect for you.

Yes! Gift vouchers are a lovely and thoughtful gift. These shoots are a great confidence booster and create artwork that is the gift that keeps giving.

This site contains media that includes some artistic nudity.
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