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Art nude photography outdoors, amongst cliffs & rocks!

Art nudes outdoors

How do you feel about an outdoor nude photoshoot? 

You may feel immediately nervous, or liberated or a bit of both. The reality is, that being nude outdoors just requires us to be mindful and respectful of the public – which is very simple. Wearing easy to pull on and off clothing makes the process a breeze. That way you can get the photograph setup and then take off your loose clothing while no one’s about. Alternatively you can choose a remote location on a quiet weekday, like we did, and there are no shortages of these in South Australia. 

A photo backdrop of rocky cliffs and sparking stones

I have been wanting to do a shoot in this location for such a long time, the fist time I visited it I could see how the light and rock curves would compliment the body. The rocks have such a strong sense of flow which we tried to mirror through the poses. The beauty of this location and constant changes of light mean that you can always find interesting places to shoot. The most exciting thing about the space was the sparkle and lichen through the rocks, that add a shine and texture to each surface.

Holding poses on rock faces

The photographs make this look pretty easy, but the effort that goes into creating these shapes takes work! From climbing sheer rock faces to hanging off vertical surfaces with just a few hand holds. These women were incredible at navigating some of the very steep challenges. Often leaping up to the top of cliffs and finding interesting spaces for me to shoot from. As always, it’s so important to ensure everyone is safe and that each pose is carefully considered, to ensure that there are no accidents. Apart from a minor ant bite, everyone pulled up well. The below image is one of the first we shot and it’s one of my favourites. I think because at first glance it seems entirely a landscape photograph and the body only becomes evident on closer look – it has become part of the landscape. You can see by the scale, that N had a decent hike to get there and then she had to position herself on the edge of a deep pool in the stone. I was so far away that we had to use charades and a lot of arm waving to get the position right. 

Outdoor boudoir photo taken with a 35mm lens

Further photo exploring

The whole photo shoot was a (mostly!) a gentle bush walk. We managed to find a lot of other interesting areas to use as backdrops. We also found the largest Orb spider I have ever seen – and yes I nearly walked backwards through her web! 

How do you feel about an outdoor shoot now?

If you love exploring the outdoors and  creatively playing then this is the perfect kind of shoot for you. There are so many locations in South Australian that are amazing. From beaches to forests, rocks and native areas, to edgy urban spaces. 

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