Get the most from your photo shoot: Adelaide boudoir & art nude | Velvet Thyme

Get the most from your photo shoot: Adelaide boudoir & art nude

Art nude portrait surrounded and adored with chocolate freckles (an Adelaide staple treat!).

A safe space in Adelaide, where different is good!

While I work in my little studio (a short drive from Adelaide’s CBD), I’m often thinking about different ideas for upcoming boudoir and art nude photo shoots. Usually, though, the best ideas hit me at 2am and almost always while I’m attempting to sleep – BANG! Now I just have to find 2.5m of purple cellophane and some ornamental turtles. 

These bolts of idea-lightning usually occur in the days after having a short phone chat with you. Once I get a little sense of who you are, what bought you here and we’ve thrown about some loose ideas, my brain begins to work overtime.

Be yourself, every one else is taken!

 – Oscar Wilde

Forget phoney poses and cliché images, these shoots are a safe space, where you are free to express yourself and have fun! A photography experience that allows you to reflect, experiment, pause and laugh. My goal is for you to leave with beautiful and unique artwork that is full of personality. Velvet Thyme is about as far from ‘one size fits all’ as you can get!

A lady holding her foot in an impressive standing yoga pose, the tones are dark and orange/green based.
A black and white motion blur image of a lady in a full length floral dress- she appears to be moving backwards.
A photograph of a woman in a black dress with coloured stripes at the bottom. She is sitting and sipping from a white tea cup while she looks out the window.

Being yourself is all very lovely...but who the hell am I?

We are all constantly evolving, changing and often attempting to figure ourselves out on any given day! That’s where these shoots can be amazingly cathartic, because they are a judgement free space for you to reflect. A space where you are free to explore what feels right for you, which leads to self discovery and builds confidence. 

Challenge your ideas of beauty

Our ideas around beauty are usually heavily influenced by what we see in the media. Depictions of women are often created for advertising and/or the male gaze. These shoots are a unique opportunity to define your own kind of beautiful and challenge objectifying depictions. I personally see the most beauty and magic when clients find their groove and their personality shines through. Let yourself loose, experiment and see your shoot as an opportunity to try things out and discover parts of yourself.

Be open to the experience

Try to avoid starting with rigid ideas about what you want to achieve because this can be limiting. Instead, start with some rough brush strokes, for example: your shoot wardrobe, colour ideas, props, textures or overall emotional tone. I love to see the kind of photos that resonate with you and use this as a guide instead of it limiting what we might create. If you are unsure about how to approach your shoot, please chat with me because I’m always happy to bounce around some ideas.

A portrait of a lady with turquoise lingerie and red lipstick smeared across her cheek taken during a boudoir shoot in Adelaide.
A naked lady doing a hand stand against a mirror which is part of an art nude shoot in on location at the Adelaide hills.
A black and white photograph, cropped to the chest and neck. Little freckles look like constellations across het chest.

Don't put it off

Don’t try to change who you are for the photo shoot (you know what I’m talking about!). They are to positively build on your relationship with your body and self. You will constantly change, both on the inside and outside, throughout your life. Give yourself a chance to let go of criticism and reflect on your amazing self, exactly as you are now. 

Don't worry, I will actually help with posing!

I start by showing you the best light and some initial posing ideas and then we can discuss and tweak. I’m best at helping you refine what feels right for you, which means I avoid running you through a ‘set’ of rigid poses. This is a space for you to feel comfortable being playful because this results in interesting and personalised photos. It’s always fun discovering the best approach for different folks, as I never know what will really work from one person to the next and that’s as it should be!

So what are you waiting for?

Chat with me today and let’s talk about creating some amazing art photography together.

A lady sitting on the floor with her arms crossed, the light is hitting her face and the side of her body - taken during a boudoir shoot.