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Dark, moody and golden art nude and boudoir photography

Dark and moody photography style

My first conversation with you sparks ideas for your photo shoot. I make very scrawled, underlined, illustrated and arrow filled notes in my book of ideas!

For R’s photo shoot (below), the key ideas were to celebrate their androgynous style & use a dark moody colour scheme. We chatted about the possibility of gold and maybe some glitter! Initial conversations are just starting points, because on the day of your shoot things always grow organically and can change.

Low key, dark lighting is one of my favourite photography aesthetics, so I was really looking forward to seeing what we could create. R is a fellow creative, so I knew we would be able to bounce off lots of ideas between us.

A splash of gold

I love an excuse to hit up the fabric store, and I had been meaning to add something purely gold to my ever growing collection of studio fabrics. I found some textured and transparent gold fabric that I thought could work nicely. I did have to stop myself from buying more than a few additional shiny things! I’m a total magpie at shops, which I think comes from years of op-shopping and collecting obscure pieces.

Fun photo collaborations

I see all photo shoots as collaborations. My focus is working with you to create photographs that resonate and feel authentic to you. 

I had so much fun working and experimenting with R! Although we didn’t get to the glitter, I loved playing with the gold fabric and we were able to add an almost regal feel to some of the photos. We also chatted about some pretty awesome future ideas…*stay tuned*!

Hair and Makeup: Goya Artistry

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