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Wild flower pregnancy photography: Skye lookout, Adelaide

The steep drive up to the Skye lookout had me seriously questioning the life of my well travelled car. I finally reached the last twist in the road, at a snails pace, clutching my handbrake and what I saw was truly stunning!

Linen pregnancy shoots, on location, are a lot of fun and this one was no exception. K picked out the lookout because it represented a special place for her. We planned a sunset shoot so that we could make the most of the golden hour and (hopefully) get a stunning sunset. I’m ashamed to say, that despite being pretty well travelled in Adelaide, I hadn’t visited this location before. 

Skye lookout bursting with wildflowers

Fields of beautiful wild flowers were in full bloom, carpeting the hillside that overlooked Adelaide. Our first mission was to scope out the best areas without venturing too far. I am a little over protective of pregnant people. This is possibly owing to a few very close to end term pregnancy shoots, where I half expected to be the transport to the birth – but that’s another story! We found a variety of amazing spots from the full Adelaide views, to sunshiny gum tree arbours. 

Lovely outdoor photography locations

Exploring spaces, is about finding the best places to capture a variety of different lighting and create interesting photography. K was a super relaxed and a lovely person to create photography with. Despite the intrusion of some minor insect bites and my bold snake clearing moves (I grew up in the hills, so I’m big on making sure spaces are as safe as possible!) we had a really seamless shoot. 

We moved from space to space with ease – however, I have made a mental note to add insect repellant to my shoot kit. On location changing and nudes, can sometimes present some challenges. Luckily, I work pretty effectively as a blocker and look out. The main company we encountered were a picnicking couple, who were well and truly too focused on each other to be bothered by us!

Google Review: 'I heard about Velvet Thyme Boudoir through a friend who had a great experience with Gianna, so when I was pregnant I didn't have to look far for a photographer. She instantly made me feel so comfortable during the shoot and was so professional. I bought the Linen photography experience and I am so pleased with how the photos turned out. I would happily recommend Gianna - it was a great experience :)'

A surprising Skye sunset

Sometimes when full sun is patchy, you aren’t quite sure what kind of sunset to expect. As it was quite overcast on the day, it didn’t look like there would be anything too spectacular. Thankfully, though, the camera had other ideas. Through the camera, I realised we were picking up some amazing purple cloud detail that was dramatically complimenting the shoot. Super excited, we made the most of every vantage point. 

This is not to say that overcast days can’t be amazing in shoots, they create lovely even light. All natural light environments, like full sun or dappled light, present both advantages and disadvantages. It’s about making the most of what the day presents you with. We were lucky enough to have the full natural light gamut! K has kindly allowed me to share some of her lovely shoot below.

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