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Birthday boudoir: 50 fabulous years

What better way to celebrate your 50th birthday than with a photoshoot?

Photo explorations ♡

To give you a sense of Ms L, she is the kind of person that after the shoot sent me the kindest email with some advice on how to manage an eye issue I mentioned – so in a nutshell, thoughtful!

She was only in Adelaide for a short window, and although the boudoir shoot almost didn’t happen, we managed to coordinate a time and I’m very glad that we did. Ms L is such a positive, energetic and fun person to work with. Prior to the shoot we discussed lots of different ideas and themes to explore, which I absolutely love. From simple soulful captures, through to a celebration of her cultural identity. What makes us all feel beautiful and sexy and in touch with who we are is always so different – and that’s absolutely how it should be.

Personal stories

This shoot was to mark Ms L’s birthday and celebrate where she was at this moment in her life, she was open to lots of exploration and photo play – which for me means lots of lighting and experimentation plus a deep dive into the studio props. I love working closely with clients to understand a bit about who they are and where they are at in life. For me, personality will always play an integral part in photoshoots, as it’s impossible to represent someone with authenticity and meaning without some insight into who they are as a person. Every photoshoot is telling a little part of a different personal story. 

A lady sitting on the floor with her arms crossed, the light is hitting her face and the side of her body - taken during a boudoir shoot.