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A fusion of past & present: A boudoir reflection

Celebrating the past

Ms S’s boudoir photo questionnaire (this covers any ideas for the shoot) strongly resonated with me. It included lots of different options to explore. I think we often don’t realise that we are all incredibly multi faceted and any representation is rarely one look or approach. The idea that particularly stood out though, was an exploration of dresses that she had worn through significant moments in her life. Ranging from school formal to wedding dress and everything in between. So this would form part of the photography experience, along with some other fabulous wardrobe highlights!

A self love future

The reasons and visual themes client choose to explore during their shoots are very varied and this is 100% the way it should be! Although I call these shoots boudoir – they are really a mix of portraiture, nudes, boudoir and lifestyle. There’s not really a box that this style of photography neatly fits into and I think that’s where we all sit in life.  

There are moments during shoots that I’m deeply moved by the stories that clients share with me and there were many of these moments during this shoot. I feel very privileged to be able to show with you this series from a remarkable, strong individual.

(As a side note I’m not sure there is a better combination than this gorgeous feathery green jacket, lacy burgundy bra and peacock shimmery backdrop – my inner colour goddess was appeased!!)

Makeup by Mika: Goya Artistry