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A Photographic Celebration of Pregnancy

The Gift of Pregnancy Photography

Ms G’s sister and friend joined forces to gift here a pregnancy photography experience, which I think is incredibly beautiful. Gifting happens often with pregnancy shoots and its so lovely because there is so much going on around pregnancy – often documenting this time can fall to the side line. I always hear after maternity shoots, how glad clients feel that they have been able to capture this time. 

We had joked about the shoot cutting it close to Ms G’s due date, and it turned out it was just in time. Let’s just say that in the few weeks she had a new addition to the family!

Soft Pinks, Bokeh and Easy Chats

After chatting with Ms G to get a sense of her favourite colour palate and approach to the shoot I was very excited to work with her. The shoot would focus on mostly soft tones and little peeks of floral. We experimented with lots of different fabrics, backdrops and outfits to create this series. It was such a relaxed shoot, with lots of snack breaks and easy chats. I particularly loved seeing the way Ms G embraced her bodies changes during pregnancy.

Makeup by Mika: Goya Artistry