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Sensory, soft, silk and rich toned boudoir

It is a privilege to work in the area that I do. I love the opportunity to work with such a diversity of amazing women and get a little insight into their world, by collaborating to create work that we can be both proud of. Ms S. brought in a great selection of attire and props to use during this boudoir shoot. I was immediately inspired by the rich colours, soft & silken textures, and the stories behind each item. I always encourage clients to bring items that they love, or have meaning, so that the boudoir shoots become very personalised and reflective of their style.

Music creates a great mood and Ms S. picked a wonderful track, that created a focused and meditative energy for us both to work in. All shoots are very much like surfing waves, at times you catch the perfect wave and the energy flows and every photo is magic, and other times things don’t quite work and you’re lying on the ground laughing (yeah that happens to me a lot!). We had many magic moments during this shoot, and we easily bounced off each other with different ideas and approaches to the shoot.  I love the tactile energy, emotion and deep rich hues throughout this series.

I will leave you with some lovely feedback from the shoot:

I adored my shoot with Gianna. It was so much fun and the photos I received are stunning. I felt really beautiful and Gianna's encouragement and direction helped me feel at ease throughout the whole process. She's the perfect combination of professional, talented and friendly. I am so grateful to have found such a lovely woman to have shared this intimate experience with. I definitely recommend her!