Only if you choose. Art nude style photographs can be partially clothed or fully nude – whatever you choose. Boudoir typically involves being partially clothed. I will send you through a questionnaire to help you decide how you would like to approach your session.

With your permission, I love to show off your beautiful photographs in my promotional material. But rest assured that your photographs will never be made public without your express permission.

You can read an article about this here.

Absolutely! We chat before your session to work out which style of photography and visual approach appeals to you most.

These sessions are mostly held in my home studio 20 mins south of Adelaide. This completely private and relaxed setting gives us a variety of options for both art nude & boudoir photography.

Yes! However, as a lot of space is required for studio style photographic lighting, I often can only create natural light photographs in this context. Feel free to contact me if you would like to chat about this more. Please note that refreshments are not provided for home based sessions and hair and makeup may not be available.

On location sessions are a lot of fun! If you have a location in mind, or would like some suggestions contact me to chat further. Please note that refreshments are not provided for outdoor sessions and as hair and makeup requires power this service isn’t available.

The temperature of the studio reflects the season, the studio is kept at a comfortable temperature – goose bumps are not a good look for a photo session! I always ask you during the sessions if the temperature is right, and we can adjust it as we go to make sure its just perfect for you.

No! These sessions are for all women. During the photography session, I will guide you through a variety of different poses so that we can find the options that work best for you.

There’s no reason to change your body for the session, we are all a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes. These sessions are about embracing and highlighting your natural beauty. We chat about the parts of your body you feel most confident with, and work together to ensure that your photographs accentuate your favourite assets.  I often find that through these sessions clients begin to accept and embrace areas of their bodies that they have previously felt unhappy with.

I welcome anyone 18 years or older, my clients are typically from a very wide age group –beauty is ageless. Please note that you will be asked to provide photographic identification.

You’re not alone, most of my clients arrive with some nerves but end feeling amazing! We begin the session with a drink and a relaxed chat about how we will approach your session. If you have any last minute ideas or questions, we can discuss these before we start and then we take the photography at your pace. We’ll have a laugh, and before you know it the time will have evaporated and you’ll be feeling awesome!

Professional hair and makeup is a great way to make you feel pampered and confident prior to your session. Although, equally you may feel most confident if you style yourself.

If you would like to have your hair and makeup done professionally, I can organise for an amazing artist to attend when you arrive for your session, please note that this will incur an additional fee.

Attire is not provided for your session. This is because everybody has such a variety of different styles and come in an array of beautiful shapes and sizes. These sessions are about creating photographs that reflect you, so bringing your favourite pieces is the best way to ensure this. We often look through your options together before we start shooting to create a plan of action! I do have a selection of fabrics and vintage pieces that can be used as attire in your session and we also have a variety of knick knacks and fans and accessories available.

Before your session I send you through a questionnaire and information sheet to make sure you have all the information you might need. If you have any questions or concerns always feel free to contact me 😊

Usually  around 4 outfits – obviously less for art nude styled photographs!

Around 2 weeks, as I believe your images should be carefully processed and edited. Although, I do my utmost to get the photographs to you as soon as possible – waiting is no fun! From this online proofing gallery you can choose a variety of  digital and print photographic packages.

Yes! Gift vouchers are a lovely and thoughtful gift for a friend or partner. These sessions are a great confidence booster and create artwork that can be continually appreciated throughout a lifetime.

Around two hours, sometimes less or more depending on the session. We work at your pace so you don’t feel rushed – it is not uncommon for sessions to run over! If you choose to get your hair and makeup done professionally, this will add an additional 1.5h to the session.

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