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Plus sized artistic nude and boudoir photography

I’m part of a few online groups of boudoir and artistic nude photographers. A question that comes up often is “how to photograph plus sized people”. Responses to this question and countless articles about this topic usually focus on ‘flattering’ plus sized posing. At their core, these ideas imposes narrow and damaging beauty standards.

Plus sized posing is about what's right for your body

Every single person needs a different approach to posing and that’s because ALL bodies, personal tastes and physically capabilities are different. I recently had a client who could, no joke, bend herself backwards into an upside down ‘L’ shape. It was amazing and we played with her skill to create some really interesting photos.

Everyone is different and this photography experience is about self exploration, rather than trying to put people into boxes or apply damaging beauty standards.  Visually exciting photos are about creating interesting shapes and exploring how your body moves. Velvet Thyme celebrates the uniqueness of all bodies. We are a body positive, age positive, no ‘beauty’ standard bu*&it studio – So welcome 🙂 

Decide what level of nudity you are comfortable with

The first thing to ask yourself is what level of nudity you are comfortable with, this could be fully nude or fully clothed or somewhere in between. Often it also comes down to how you feel on the day. I send you a Questionnaire that covers this so that we are both on the same page with what you are thinking. If you are wearing clothing, decide what you love and would like to bring to your shoot. This is a useful article to get you thinking about what you could rock at your shoot.

Boudoir portrait of a woman in a tartan shirt

Embrace your curves because they are awesome

Curves create many visually interesting shapes and add flow and movement to compositions. Whether I’m working in the studio or outdoors I use whatever is around to compliment and create visually interesting shapes with your body.

Bring in your personality

I believe that the best photography experiences are personalised. What makes each of us feel good is incredibly different and I am 100% here for that! Whatever ideas you have, themes you would like to play with or even if you don’t know and just want to see what we create together. We can work out what makes you feel most yourself or what types of things you want to explore. Fine art photos that are uniquely you are timeless, and that’s what I’m all about.

Art nude portrait surrounded and adored with chocolate freckles (an Adelaide staple treat!).

Get yourself into the right mindset before your shoot

There are many things that you can do to help centre yourself before your photoshoot. Try and give yourself a little ‘me’ time to relax and reflect before you get in front of the camera. For me, this is having an outdoor bath and a glass of wine. For you, it could be trekking up a mountain, reading your latest fantasy novel, sitting on the beach, watching some Nordic Noir or getting an early night. Whatever will help you to feel more relaxed before your photography experience.

Have fun

The photography experience is as important as the final photos you receive. This is a judgment free space to have fun and explore. Don’t settle for same, same –  fall in love both who you are and your amazing body.

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