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Dark, witchy vibes – alternative boudoir

Seeing the words dark and witchy boudoir in the ideas section of S's form made me instantly excited about how this shoot might look!

Dark and witchy boudoir

I love low key (aka dark) boudoir photo shoots, and I thrive off personalising your shoots! Once I receive your shoot Questionnaire the brainstorming begins. I bring these ideas to your phone call and listen to your goals. After chatting with S her dark and moody ideas sounded really fun to explore.

Alternative boudoir

The core of these shoots is about ensuring that you feel empowered and 100% in control of your photography experience. I believe that preferences are very broad and I encourage everyone to explore their own version of what feels right and empowering for them. You may even just want to create interesting compositions or photos that you find funny – that’s totally OK. There are no rules, it’s just a safe space to create and see yourself from a positive perspective.

Wear the unworn

We all haves so many things in the wardrobe that we love, but never get a chance to wear. We may not wear them because they are not quite right or maybe we’ve just haven’t found the right occasion. These things are perfect to wear to your shoot. So often clients bring in clothes that by the end of the shoot have discovered the best way for them to wear them out!

Green dreams and chain backs

If you also love tones of green and rich peacock patterns this shoot is for you. I’m always sorting through the fabrics in the studio to best compliment clothes during shoots and these were a perfect match! 

I’m also obsessed with this amazing handmade cape that S bought in – apparently it’s really simple to make! It has this lovely interlinked chain back that looked incredible in the shoot. Shoots are about bringing things in the things that make you feel most like you.

Hair and makeup: Goya Artistry

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