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What is nontraditional boudoir photography?

You may have come across the term ‘nontraditional boudoir’ here on this website. It’s a term I use to help explain the type of boudoir photography experience I offer you. 

What is traditional boudoir?

Although every photographer has their own unique approach to boudoir, I define traditional boudoir by a common example of the photography style. This usually involves women, in lingerie, lying on a bed – photographs are often sexualised and created to arouse the viewer.

How does this 'nontraditional' style differ?

An Experience Just for you

This experience is first and foremost just for you, revealing a fresh perspective of your beautiful self. A photography experience that will build your confidence and make you feel empowered. This doesn’t mean that your significant other/s won’t love the photos (believe me they TOTALLY will!!). But, whatever happens in your life, this experience is time you took for yourself to appreciate you. Leaving you with memories and photographs you will treasure forever – when you take the time for some self-love and to celebrate where you are at in you life, it has a profound and positive impact.

nontraditional boudoir example
A different approach to boudoir

Sexy but not sexualised

My aim is to avoid depicting you as a sexual object. You are a powerful complex whole being, and YES you are also kickass sexy and we are going to make sure we celebrate ALL that. There are many ways I go about this, through the boudoir experience and the photographs we create, so that you feel uplifted. I could talk about this approach all day, but all you need to know is that the photographs will have shades of soulful beauty & sexiness that you will love.

Lingerie is an option, not a dress code

I LOVE lingerie and it would be a part of my personal boudoir experience, but there are many other things I also adore. Attire should best reflect you or just seem like a great idea. This experience is about capturing you as an individual, so choose clothes, plants, fabric, books, glitter, nudity – let your flag fly! If you’re not sure bring a stack of stuff that you like and we can figure it out on the day or just bring yourself and we’ll create something amazing. 

nontraditional boudoir clothing

Shoot Backdrop

Backgrounds in these photographs tend to be outside the bedroom. Although a bedroom may sometimes be a part of a session, it’s typically not the main focus

An example of backdrops in these sessions
non traditional pregnancy boudoir at the beach

Loving on the bits of yourself you don't like so much

Squishy bits, jiggly bits, textured bits, lines and marks – we’ve all got them and we are usually told to see them negatively (we also blow these things waaaay out of proportion). These sessions are to show you a fresh perspective of yourself, so that you can appreciate that you’re beautiful just the way you are (bits included).

nontraditional boudoir example
Alternative boudoir clothing
non traditional boudoir example

So..If you like the idea of an experience that’s a celebration and creative explosion of individuality, beauty and awesomeness plus a load of fun – this is the experience for you!

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