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An Indie, Op Shopper’s Delight, Boudoir Session

A Different Boudoir Perspective

Hannah and I had talked for some time about doing a boudoir session, but there was something holding her back. Hannah has lots of amazing lingerie that she loves and wanted to feature, but the landscape of more traditional boudoir didn’t quite feel right. We talked at length about focusing on exploring who she was – with the idea that these would be photographs without the male gaze. The session really became an art nude/boudoir fusion. Ultimately, the photographs I take use this approach and aim to positively connect you with your body and self. This does not mean that these pictures won’t also be loved by your partner or friends – quite the opposite. Your friends and partner love you, so exploring who you are could not be more exciting, meaningful and beautiful.

Choosing Your Threads

Choosing clothes for your session is really important – bring in items that represent your personal style, as this injects character into your photographs. I adore vintage fashion, and as a committed Op Shopper I really appreciate Hannah’s style. She turned up with multiple fabulous things that she had collected over the years, and as she pulled out each beautiful item I got more excited! We came up with a series of outfits that were both lovely representations of her and would photograph beautifully. There are some amazing vintage and new pieces featured in this set of photographs; a Piano Shawl (more about Piano Shawls) that is a floral embroidered heavy shawl used to keep your piano pristine; a green (dyed) transparent lace gown (so pretty); plus a myriad of gorgeous lingerie from a bodysuit (from SJ Lingerie) to a buttercup yellow set and more!

Dress Ups

The best photographs come from playing around and having fun. Do you remember playing dress ups when you were a kid? I still have one of my childhood dress ups for people to use in sessions. Most notably, a crushed orange and purple velvet full length cape that belonged to my mother (she wore it to music festivals). These sessions are an adult version of dress ups and are about experimenting with different combinations that make you feel beautiful, confident or sexy and most importantly you. Choose things that make you feel amazing, but that you probably can’t wear down the street! I hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed capturing it, and even more exciting – theres a part two! (coming soon).

nontraditional boudoir example
A black and white back view of a woman with a piano shawl obscuring her left buttock.
A different approach to boudoir
non traditional boudoir example