The slow movement for art nude, boudoir and pregnancy photo sessions.

Slow boudoir, art nude and pregnancy photo sessions?

During a recent chat with a friend, it was pointed out to me that my approach to my art nude, boudoir and pregnancy photography sessions was akin to the ‘slow movement’ – I was intrigued….

What is the slow movement?

On most days, if you’re anything like me, everyday is a series of fast-paced challenges. Mental to-do lists take up precious brain real estate, while you multitask and launch yourself headlong into a series of seemingly urgent deadlines. It is drilled into us that quickly completing tasks, as you silently sweat under impossible time pressure, is synonymous with being successful and kicking goals.

The slow movement, at its heart, is a cultural shift aimed at reducing life’s hectic pace. It has an underlying ethos of quality over quantity – that in fact by slowing down we can become more effective and have richer and more positive experiences.

The slow movement began in the 1980s, in Northern Italy, where a group of passionate foodies and thinkers heard about a fast food restaurant opening. In an attempt to preserve regional traditions and a slower pace of life, the group started the slow food movement. From here the movement has blossomed.

So how does this relate to photography sessions?

During my photography sessions, although I have a time guide, it is often cheerfully ignored. I always hit the brakes and put full focus on my client’s experience. My passion for photography, love of chit chat, coffee breaks and enthusiasm for making genuine connections with people happily allows the sessions to settle into an easy relaxed pace. I believe that your photography session experience shapes the quality of the photographs produced, and a positive experience will have far-reaching effects.

If I think about it, I’ve come across this attitude from service providers many times before. I will always have good memories of the process of getting my tattoo because it seems that my body artist is perhaps also a follower of this movement. My tattoo session was intertwined with numerous tea breaks, warm conversation and approached with care and sensitivity; it felt enlightening. I was even sent home with some homegrown veg to help me heal! The beauty of this is that now every time I look at my tattoo the whole story is positive and this gift continues to echo.

Without realising it, I am actually already practising the slow boudoir, art nude and pregnancy photography movement. I am striving to create work and an experience that takes the time to deeply and positively resonate. The beauty of this approach is that it has enabled me to get to know some truly incredible individuals.

So, lets all take a deep breath, consider the moment, and embrace the power of moving just a little bit slower!