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Changing the Backdrop in Boudoir Photography

Finding Beauty In Different Spaces

I’m really excited about challenging the backdrop of more traditional boudoir photography. Moving beyond the bed, plush couches and finding beauty in unexpected spaces. Enter ‘The Box Room’, a storage spectacular. This series formed part of a collaborative photography session with Jessie.

Typical boudoir backdrops

In boudoir there are really no hard and fast rules about backdrops as such.  However, we do see a lot of images in bedrooms, on chaises etc. It does make sense, based on the definition of boudoir which is ‘a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room’ . You can certainly get some AMAZING photographs on beds, because of the textural bedding, height and ability for the subject to lie down and create new photographic angles. Lately though, I have really questioned these spaces. Lying down, particularly in a bedroom does feel a bit submissive. There are absolutely ways to photograph boudoir in this space and keep the power, personality and presence of the subject at forefront, but I think there is so much to be gained by exploring different spaces.

Backdrops that say 'You'

Jessie is a prolific collector of awesome things and during a coffee break she commented that my current box room was a space that absolutely resonated with her. It felt like a reflection of her own space, so we had to use it. 

In the past I have often tried to remove distracting elements, create a romanticised backdrops, so it was incredibly freeing to photograph in ordered chaos.  Note the ladders, underfloor foam and teetering storage. This is actually my favourite backdrop, I think the series is incredibly beautiful.  So let’s bring on the hills hoists, ladders, urban spaces, spaces in progress, kitchens and bathrooms! 

Also, on a totally unrelated note – how beautiful are these pants that she made *want*? Such a spot on pairing with that vintage inspired bra!