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Art nude photography; A studio session in Adelaide

Why choose fine art nude photography?

Fine art nude photography captures the way in which our bodies are an ever evolving notebook of our lives. Our bodies tell intricate stories about ourselves; how we move, the way we rest, how we smile and laugh, where we have pain, they hold our battle scars, marks from nurturing our children, and tell old distant tales of our heritage and family. Fine art nude photography can help to tell these stories your way.

I think that, particularly women, have very complex relationships with their bodies. It is often a tug of war – there is an over saturation of unattainable and unreal images of bodies that can warp self perception. What I want to do, more than anything, is to show how each and everyone of us are powerful and beautiful in their own form and to wear their bodies changes like badges of honour! One of my past clients has shared her own very personal story about battles with body image and healing through self acceptance here. You can also visit ‘Herself’ a website that seeks to empower women in a similar way, check it out.

Every fine art nude session is unique and positive, often almost a cathartic experience. It takes a beautiful braveness to make the decision to celebrate your form with art nude photographs. My clients all have totally different stories and reasons for choosing to document their bodies and this session was no different.

What motivated this photography session?

For this session my client approached me with a brief to document her body and bring out her curves and musculature. These photographs would assist her with an art project about her own physicality as a relatively new engagement with a physical activity had evolved and changed her body.

She shared her goals and experience in the lovely statement below.

“As visitor here in South Australia, I found Gianna via a web search….and a more perfect photographer I could not have found!

She connected with my vision instantly (a movement and design project based on my own physicality) and has created a series of beautiful and inspiring photographs to launch the process.  

Seeing myself from a third person perspective has been such a liberating and interesting experience. It’s the culmination of a moment of being our very naked and unprotected self and the objective interpretation/appreciation of that by a skilled photographer, who’s only interest is to find the things they see as beautiful and worth celebrating. 

It’s true to say that I have a happier and kinder relationship with my body now than at any other point in my life (and it’s a good deal less lovely than it was before having children and hitting my 40s). It reflects and allows me to live into everything that I love in my life. I hope it will wear a few more achievements by the time I’m finished with it too! 

It was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with Gi and I very much hope to do so again in the not too distant future.

Thank you again!

A very happy and grateful customer :-)”

A huge thankyou to my client for generously sharing her comments and allowing me to show you some of the captures from her session 😊

Low key lit female nude torso by Gpix PhotoLow key lit female nude photography by Gpix PhotoNude female back view stretching by Gpix PhotoNude female stretching by Gpix PhotoNude female body front and back by Gpix PhotoNude female torso black and white by Gpix PhotoBack view nude female movement by Gpix Photo