Photography for empowerment: Not just a pretty picture

Photography for empowerment: Not just a pretty picture

Watching transformations

During my early portrait sessions, I was struck by how much positivity, confidence and empowerment these sessions could bring. This was the days of 35mm film – there were no previews, so we never knew what images would actually look like. 

These photography sessions would allow the subject to be playful and discover new parts of themselves. I began to notice a fresh sense of confidence in subjects, both immediately following the session and then again through viewing the photographs. Seeing themselves captured through a different perspective provided a powerful and positive exploration of self. I loved the privilege of sharing in such a unique experience. Through my career, I have often noticed that photography sessions create a safe environment for the subjects to explore both their personalities and their physical selves.

boudoir & art nude an act of self-love

Boudoir, nude, semi-nude photography sessions can be particularly powerful. Let’s face it, for the majority of people being nude to any extent in front of a total stranger can be daunting. Often the first hurdle is simply organising the session and this will generally bring both fear and then feeling of triumph! The next step is actually turning up. Just the act of arriving at a session, can create a huge sense of personal achievement.  You give yourself the powerful gift of accepting and celebrating your body, which is an extraordinary act of self-love.

Through the nude and semi-nude sessions I conduct, I always give my clients the option to either share or keep their sessions fully private. This means I can’t show you all the beautiful stories, but I did have client who was generous enough to not only allow me to share her photos, but also her amazing story.

So next time you are considering giving yourself or someone special the gift of a photography session, remember that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye!

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