Covid-19 Information | Velvet Thyme

Covid-19 Information

Our priority is to ensure the safety of our clients, ourselves and to keep South Australia safe. We continue to implement recommendations from the SA government and respond quickly as changes occur.

As circumstances around Covid-19 are changeable, photo shoots may be cancelled at the photographers discretion. If you are in any way unwell, even mildly, do not attend your scheduled photo shoot. Should sessions be cancelled due to the aforementioned reasons, the option to reschedule will be provided and if no acceptable alternatives can be found, any money paid will be refunded.

Hair & makeup

These are the steps that our contracted artists are taking:

• Sanitisation of products and tools during and after each application.

• Cream/ liquid products will be applied from a metal makeup palette which will be sanitised between use.

• Disposables will be used when dealing with cream products to lips and eyes.

• Artist will be wearing a face mask.

• Disposable gloves are an option for the artist to wear on clients request – hands will be throughly cleaned prior to makeup application.


• All areas accessible to clients will be throughly cleaned before and after each shoot.

• Camera equipment / surfaces and lighting will be wiped down between shoots.

• Soft furnishings are washed, if possible, or sprayed with Glen-20 as it has proven effective against Covid-19.

• Bathroom: disposable paper towels are provided for hand drying.

Hand Hygiene

• You will be asked to sanitise or wash your hands on arrival, there will be plenty of hand sanitiser around the space that can be used throughout your shoot.

• Hands will be washed/sanitised before prep of any drinks, food will be provided pre-packaged. Cups and glasses are washed with a hot dishwasher cycle
between uses.

Social Distancing

Where possible, this will be practiced during your shoot.

• During this time we would request that you to attend your shoot solo (Please feel free to discuss this if you are any way uncomfortable).

Face Masks

• Should Covid-19 cases in SA increase markedly, or if social distancing is tricky, the photographer will automatically wear a face mask during your shoot.

• If you would like the photographer to wear a face mask at any time during your shoot, please do not hesitate to request this.

let’s work together to keep everyone safe - Thankyou ♡