What does implied nude photography mean? | Velvet Thyme

What does implied nude photography mean?

Black and white image of a woman positioned in a way to obscure nipples and genitalia - implied nude.

Implied nude - AKA photography without your bits

Implied nude simply means being nude without having your nipples and genitalia exposed in the photograph. The photograph feels nude, but you are showing about as much as you might on a trip to your local beach (and I’m not talking about these Adelaide beaches). 

When it comes to having your boudoir experience it’s important that you take an approach that you feel most comfortable with. For some this means the full monty, while for others it’s being clothed or somewhere in between. Most fully nude shoots that I do, will incorporate some implied nude photographs anyway. Before your photography experience, we have a chat about the styles that you love and what level of nudity you are comfortable with. More often than not, those that have chosen implied nude shoot will decide to have a few fully nude captures at some point during the experience anyway! 

A photograph on a woman holding a cowboy hat in front of her, obscuring her nudity.
A black and white back view of a woman with a piano shawl obscuring her left buttock.

Got back?

So where does this leave the booty? Some implied nude photography will show off your posterior while others don’t, again this comes down to your own personal level of comfort.

Implied nude using careful posing & photo cropping

Posing is a great way to keep areas obscured, typically using the position of the body or hands and feet to cover the areas that you would prefer to keep private. Carefully cropping the photographs can also be a great way to keep various parts obscured.

Art nude photograph

it's all about the light

it’s no secret that I love dark (low key) and dappled contrasty lighting. This is perfect to create implied nude photographs as you can use the light to paint on the areas of the body that you would like to keep hidden. This technique can take a bit of trial and error, particularly if I’m using natural lighting.

Art Nude back view photograph of a woman stretchin in the corner of a room. The dramatic light makes the image subtly censored.
Dramatic black and white implied nude portrait of a plus sized woman. Only her face and right chest area are visible..

Perfectly positioned props

You can have some serious fun (and laughs!) with prop positioning to keep your photographs censored. This can be anything from plants, books, fabrics, instruments, really you name it! I have a lot of different props in the studio, so we can always find something that has the right look for you. However, if the prop doesn’t quite fit there is always a Photoshop option to add another plant frond or remove that errant nipple edge!

Boudoir photography in Adelaide SA - A lady sitting cross legged with a Ukulele positioned over her naked top half.
If she wasn't wearing pants I'm sure we could have used some maracas or even a tambourine!

Blur It Out

Shallow depth of field, just means that only a small part of the image is in focus. In boudoir photography, this means using a very narrow aperture and usually being quite close to your subject. In the below example, only the hair is in focus, the blur could have been pronounced even more if desired. This is not so much ‘implied’ perhaps a little more ‘made hazy’.

A shallow depth of field photo of a woman lying on a piano shawl, wearing only long orange socks. The focus is on her hair and so her nudity is blurred.

A little bit of clothing

Technically this also may not count as implied nude photography, but I’m going to list it anyway as it gives a similar feel. A carefully positioned gown or jacket can give a nude vibe without revealing much at all.

Boudoir photo of a woman in bright vintage dress.
black and white, to the waist, photograph of a lady wearing only a leather jacket open.

So what's right for you?

Whatever your level of comfort around nudity, during your boudoir experience, we can create beautiful photographs that represent you. This is a space for you to build confidence, have fun, relax and above all do what’s right for you.