Relaxed Adelaide hills art nude & boudoir | Velvet Thyme

Relaxed Adelaide hills art nude & boudoir

Begin with boudoir

I headed up into the Adelaide hills on a bit of a frosty day to meet Ms. A and take some boudoir photos. Sometimes shoots in your own home can create a more comfortable location – plus all your clothes and favourite spaces are conveniently on hand (I offer Linen shoot’s on location). 

If you are considering making part of your shoot art nude, sometimes starting with clothing can help you feel more comfortable and have some time to get into your groove. Ms. A was considering art nude but wanted to see how she felt on the day. I think this is a great way to approach shoots, as it gives you the opportunity to go at your own pace and decide what’s right for you. This is also why having a range of clothing and props is a great idea, because different things can feel ‘more right’ on the day

Happy handstands & yoga

Ms. A had mentioned she did yoga and also wanted to incorporate some handstands into her shoot. I love it when clients bring in their unique skills, as it creates amazing photographs. We tried a variety of different poses, spaces and approaches – it’s always lovely to explore different spaces and find the best light!

Playful pets & laughs

Ms. A was so much fun to work with – we worked at an easy relaxed pace, trying lots of different approaches to creating interesting photographs. Stopping occasionally to encourage the dog from totally blocking the shot! I’m a pet person, so I’m very much all for working around animals. 

Beautiful art nude spaces

There was some amazing light in this home and stunning backdrops. We were able to achieve some really interesting photography in the space. I love how unexpected shooting in diverse locations can be, you never know what you will get. I’ve had a quite a few home based shoots of late, as we have been updating the studio recently (have a look at the new Velvet Thyme Studio 2.0!).

A lady holding her foot in an impressive standing yoga pose, the tones are dark and orange/green based.
A naked lady doing a hand stand against a mirror which is part of an art nude shoot in on location at the Adelaide hills.