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Featured in ‘Photo Review Magazine’

It was lovely to be featured in ‘Photo Review‘ magazine amongst so many amazing photographers. Being featured in print is incredibly exciting for me!

I was interviewed by Steve Packer, who was a lot of fun to talk to! We certainly managed to chat about many facets of boudoir, pregnancy & art nude photography. I also got some great insights into some of his other work, including a few of his recent interview highlights.

It was great to have the opportunity to talk candidly about something that I am so passionate about. People often underestimate the transformative nature of boudoir and art nude sessions. Their ability to actually change the way people see themselves in a positive way. 

Ever since my first art nude shoot at University I have been hooked by a combination of the pure joy of the photography, the experimental nature of these sessions, the intimate conversations that are had in these settings, and their ability to boost confidence.

The article also references a blog post written by a very special client, who bravely came to a session as part of her own healing journey. You can read her beautiful story here (which I still can’t read without getting goosebumps).

The ladies photographed here were also super excited. One of them told me her husband was so pleased that she was officially a magazine ‘pin up’ that he obtained multiple copies to be framed around the house *love*. This article also features the beautiful Lady Fae, who I have been privileged to work with many times over the years. She was incredibly excited, as it was also her first time in print.

You can read the full interview on page 28 here or scroll down for a quick look. For more information on the magazine visit: https://www.photoreview.com.au/