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Milk bath maternity and other outdoor photography adventures!

Ever since looking at milk bath maternity photographs I have been very keen to try this style. Luckily, one of my clients, Ms J, also loved the idea of floating in a milk bath! We decided on a two part session, starting with milk bath photography and then moving outdoors to the forrest and sea 😊
Setting up the milk bath was quite an experiment! I had read a lot about the best way to set up the bath, but as there were so many different approaches. I tend to lean towards keeping things simple. So it seemed that the best, and most healthy approach, was adding fresh full cream milk to the bath. The main thing was to keep the bath lukewarm, so we didn’t bring on Ms J’s labour early! We kept the bathroom nice and toasty so she was very comfortable.
I added three litres to a very large bath which created a soft milky look. I would love to experiment with a half and half mix for a very white bath. Although, the slight transparency of a lighter quantity was quite ethereal. In the future, I look forward to trying some new approaches. Adding coloured food dye’s, smoke curling over the water and different floating items – so many options! Does this sound like you? Feel free to contact me and we can chat about making your session unique 🛀🏽
We started with some simple black and white photographs. We then chose a beautiful vintage transparent dressing gown from my collection. The turquoise was a perfect compliment to Ms J’s red hair and the flower selection. We took each of the poses very slowly and carefully and captured a wide range of lovely photographs. 
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