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Studio & Wild Goolwa Beach Pregnancy Session

Goolwa Beach is one of my favourite South Australian beaches. Its a stunning piece of coastline, that can be calm one moment, and wild the next. The opportunity to conduct a pregnancy photography session at this beach was an exciting opportunity.

Starting off in the studio with Ms B and her partner was a wonderful way to begin the photo shoot – I love using low key studio lighting to highlight beautiful pregnancy curves. We witnessed some surprising in-womb acrobatics, as bubs demonstrated her enthusiasm for our photographic efforts! This left us with a few interesting frames of somewhat wonky belly curves!

Pregnancy photograph taken in studiopregnancy-photography-low-key-lighting-3pregnancy-photography-low-key-lighting-2pregnancy-photography-low-key-lighting-4

After completing the studio leg of our photography journey, Ms B and I made some last minute fashion decisions and headed to the coast. On arrival it was too irresistible not to make a little stop at the wharf nearby, just under where the bridge that reaches over to Hindmarsh Island. This space gave us a wealth of lovely and rustic photography options, after which we hit the coastline. Not surprisingly, it was pretty windy at Goolwa. So we used nature’s power to capture some elegant, windswept photos.


Throughout the day we had an amazing diversity of weather. When we reached the sand there was a deep and pure white mist. This was an amazing backdrop against Ms B’s lovely white summer dress. pregnancy-photography-coatsal-session-15pregnancy-photography-coatsal-session-14pregnancy-photography-coatsal-session4

After a few changes, a LOT of laughs, before I knew it we were heading towards sunset. Despite the somewhat chilly weather, Ms B braved the ocean. It actually felt a little warmer in there than the blustery beach! We kept Ms B’s thick cardigan draped around my neck so she could grab it as needed. With all my own clothing layers; including a scarf wrapped around my head, camera and spare lens. I looked something like an escaped pile of animated laundry. 😝


Trying to keep the camera steady and avoid camera shake was very challenging. The wet sand was sinking, the light was disappearing and my hands were a little shaky with cold. Ms B was amazing, looking out across the ocean while I did everything in my power to capture such a powerful scene. We had a short window of sunset and the colours were changing, like a kaleidoscope. From deep russet oranges to light pink shades, what a stunning place!


After an amazing session the only thing left to do was settle down in the local warm pizzeria together for a late dinner! I hope you enjoyed looking at these photographs as much as I loved taking them ♡