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Let’s Dance! A shaking, swirling and altogether moving boudoir experience

If you like to dance, your boudoir session is the best place to shake it. Dancing is the perfect way to relax, get loose, let your personality shine and capture some pretty cool photos. Music is a huge part of photo sessions, fair warning – I have been know to sing off key. Your favourite music helps you to get your vibe going and body moving. 

During this session I got introduced to some of Hannah’s favourite tunes and shared similar songs that I loved, I think it’s pretty obvious how much fun we had! Some serious shaking, in combination with flowing dresses created lovely long exposed photos. A longer exposure, just means the camera shuttter is left open for a greater time so that movement is not frozen, as it would be using a faster shutter speed. This creates a beautiful liquid silky blur, it can take a bit of tweaking and a lot of trial and error. If the shutter is open too long or the movement is too fast, you have an undecipherable blur. I like to find a sweet spot where the subject has energy and movement without a loss of form. Luckily Hannah loves to dance, so she put up with my tweaks and the occasional speed change! The addition of some interesting light streaks gave this series an almost painted feel.