Adelaide Artistic Nude Photography: Deborah's Story -

Adelaide Artistic Nude Photography: Deborah’s Story

I have written before about how nude photography can be a powerful and empowering experience. Recently I had an amazing session with a very remarkable lady, Deborah, who has generously agreed to allow me to share some of the images from our artistic nude photography session along with her own inspirational words about her nude photography journey.

“Hello my name is Deborah, I am a 52 year old over weight woman and for approx. 45 of those years I have been at “war” with my body. Healing from past abuse issues has been a priority for me in the last 10 years and has lead to teaching, sharing and healing with others. … and still….I asked myself …Why after all this…do I still have issues with my body? I was still blind to the beauty of it… Its not skinny enough, tall enough, beautiful enough… its just not enough, I love myself and yet I knew that I did not fully love my body… something had to be done… I had to challenge myself in a way that I had not had the courage to do before.  Following my “intuition” google lead me to Gianna’s site for Artistic Nudes… I wondered.. could I do that? There was a mixture of terror and excitement as I emailed her….OMG…

A lot of my issues have come from my upbringing and concepts around nakedness…being dirty, disgusting, and then later abuse, I had worked on this… NOW it was like putting it all to the test… How much did I really love me? After some emails and a conversation on the phone… we made a time to do the session.. which just happened to be Valentines Day 🙂 My secret rendezvous with myself was set.

Gianna is passionate, caring, gentle and creative. She loves what she does and it spills over into every aspect of her work. She naturally alludes this deep feminine flair, respect and professionalism. Over a cup of tea she relaxed me into the idea of being the star of the show… LOL… she showed me some poses, we talked about the things/props I had bought with me and then….terror, vulnerability..gulp…jeeze… it was into it…. it was fun, relaxing, empowering… here I was Starkers, letting it ALL hang out… first time in my life being the centre of attention and having no where to hide any of my wobbly bits… LOL Gianna was amazing,  she talked and moved her equipment, and had me move around on the floor, standing up, sitting down, and we laughed and giggled and before I knew it, time had stood still, 3 hours later…..

The session left me with a smile, a deeper inner satisfaction and peace within myself. I thought even if I don’t like the photos I have loved the session. Every woman should do this at least once in her life, no matter her age or shape. 🙂 Gianna told me that she would work on my photos later in the week and email a special link to a closed site especially for me. The week went by and the experience stayed with me as a positive uplifting, nurturing time. My secret affair with myself… LOL… and then the photos…. they were beautiful.. I was beautiful… Lovely, gorgeous beautiful curvaceous me…lovely in my nakedness…

Thank you Gianna… What a gift!”